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why do my nails feel suffocated with nail polish o


As we all know, many girls like the nail polish,i like the nail polish too.It looks like a beautiful symbol.I bought a lot of brands of nail polish.But i don’t satisfied with them.  Some nail polish Colors are not what they advertise and they start chipping in 1 - 2 days.Some nail polish Chips instantly,has trouble going on evenly.A week ago,i bought a brands of nail polish. Horribly disappointing! Colors are great, that is it! It chips off not in a couple of days its overnight! Doesn't even make 24 hours! Plus its thick and goopy like it's 5 yrs old! I will never buy this brand again! The cheapest polish at Walmart lasts longer! But three days ago,i bought a nude color uv builder gel pink nude color nail polish.Nail polish came in earlier than expected! And all colors came as shown. I actually got the free earrings also! Goes on smoothly and only takes 2 coats. But for the lighter colors I would recommend using a white base to make the color pop out even more! For the price these are incredible, perfect for doing ombres. Does need a few layers depending on what you want.The colors are bright and very pretty! Perfectly packaged and received on time.I bought for my mother. She is enjoying all of these colors. As far as i am concerned,if you want to know more about the product,you can click on the link.And i think that you will also love the nail polish like me.

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